The strongest plan

yallo Postpaid

  • Unlimited calling to Europe and within Switzerland
  • Unlimited mobile internet including 1.5 GB High-Speed
  • Unlimited SMS to the whole world
  • Unlimited WhatsApp data usage included

CHF 39.-/mth.

Strong, stronger,

yallo Swiss

  • Unlimited calling within Switzerland
  • 1 GB High-Speed mobile internet
  • Unlimited SMS within Switzerland
Top Deal!

CHF 19.-/mth.

For 6 months, afterwards 29.-/mth.

“The current offer from yallo checks all the boxes. yallo speaks not only to consumers which like to make calls abroad, but now with yallo Swiss also to the Swiss domestic market – all at an amazingly low price. yallo sets a clear sign in the telecom market with this plan.”
(Christoph Glaus,

“yallo Swiss currently has the best price for unlimited telephony in Switzerland.”
(Oliver Zadori,

yallo Swiss and yallo postpaid are available at your post office!

Additional Options Mobile surfing

For those who want even more mobile Internet.
Data volume 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Price CHF 15.- CHF 20.- CHF 30.- CHF 50.-
Keyword 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB
Activation: SMS with KEYWORD to 255 (e.g. SMS with “1GB” to 255). Valid for 1 month.

Additional options Roaming

For those traveling abroad.

yallo Travel Talk: 100 Minutes for CHF 10.-/10 days. Activation: “TTALK” to 255.

yallo Travel Surf 100: 100 MB for CHF 10.-/10 days. Activation: “TSURF” to 255.

yallo Travel Surf 1 GB: 1 GB for CHF 30.-/30 days. Activation: “TSURF1GB” to 255.

Have questions?

General questions about yallo plans:

How fast can you surf mobile Internet?

You surf the web at high-speed (100 Mbps) with yallo PostPaid. Once the included surf volume has been used, the speed is reduced to 128 Kbps. You surf the web at high-speed (21 Mbps) with yallo Swiss. Once the included surf volume has been used, CHF 0.02 is charged for each MB.

What is the contract duration for a yallo plans?

With yallo PostPaid, yallo provides its customers with complete flexibility, i.e., there is no contract term. Notice of cancellation can be given for yallo PostPaid at any time with a notice period of 60 (sixty) days. yallo Swiss has a contract period of 12 (twelve) months. The notice period is 60 (sixty) days.

Will every mobile phone work with a yallo SIM card?

Yes, yallo plans can be used with any mobile phone. A “3 in 1” SIM card is included in the start package. This means the customer receives all the SIM card variations immediately: mini, micro, and nano. In some cases, an old mobile phone may be blocked with a SIM lock from another provider. You must speak directly with the corresponding provider to check about unblocking the phone.

What kind of blocking features are available with yallo plans and how can they be activated?

In order to prevent unwanted outgoing calls from being made, with yallo you can block access to numbers with a charge (090x numbers) in general or only block access to 0906 numbers with erotic or pornographic content. This is how it works: You can activate free call blocking by calling the toll free number 0840/004488 as early as the day after you are connected to the yallo mobile network. Call blocking is activated within 48 hours of your request by phone or online. yallo does not accept any responsibility for connections made before call blocking is activated. Premium SMS You can also activate or deactivate call blocking free of charge directly in your yallo account at Once you log into your account, you will be able to find this feature in your account area.

Can I choose my phone number?

When you sign up for a yallo plan, you may choose the last four digits of your phone number. No guarantee can be made regarding the availability of your desired number.

What costs will I be charged for if I sign up for a yallo plan?

As is customary, you will have to purchase a yallo SIM card when you sign the contract. This comes at a charge

Are additional options available for yallo plans?

yallo plans can be optimized with attractive data and roaming options.

How much do calls to the yallo mailbox cost?

Calls to the yallo mailbox are free of charge (within Switzerland). Roaming charges will be incurred if you are abroad.

Where can I purchase a yallo plan?

yallo PostPaid and yallo Swiss can only be obtained from the Swiss Post.

How much does a call to the yallo hotline cost?

Calls to yallo customer service are free for customers.

Where can a customers get personalized assistance with yallo plans?

Whoever is interested in yallo PostPaid or yallo Swiss can get information in all post offices in Switzerland.

Questions regarding: Moving

How do I change my address when I move?

The customer can contact customer service to change his or her address.

Questions regarding: Switching to yallo

Is it possible to switch to a yallo plan using an existing yallo prepaid SIM card?

Yes, it is very easy to switch and transfer your phone number to a yallo plan and this can be done through the activation system. Any remaining prepaid balance up to max. CHF 80.- will then be credited to you on your next bill.

Is it possible to switch to a yallo plan with an existing plan or prepaid SIM card from another carrier?

Yes, it is possible to switch and also transfer your phone number to a yallo plan, as long as you are able to cancel your plan with the previous provider.

Questions regarding: SIM card

How can a yallo plan SIM card be blocked/unblocked?

The customer can block the yallo plan SIM card by calling customer service at 0840 004488.

Questions regarding: Abroad/roaming

How can the customer protect him or herself from incurring high costs while abroad?

yallo recommends that you activate the roaming options “yallo Travel Talk” (100Min. incoming/outgoing calls for CHF 10.00/10 days) and “yallo Travel Surf” (100 MB for CHF 10.00/10 days) when traveling abroad. For all customers who want to avoid mobile communication altogether when traveling abroad, yallo recommends deactivating roaming on the mobile phone. There is also an upper limit for costs incurred through data usage abroad (CHF 300.00,) after which data usage will automatically be blocked.

How high are the standard roaming costs if no roaming option has been activated?

Roaming in the Europe Zone
Incoming calls CHF 0.50/min.
Outgoing calls (domestic, CH, and all other European countries) CHF 1.30/min.
Incoming SMS Free
Outgoing SMS to all countries CHF 0.50/SMS
Mobile internet CHF 1.-/MB
Roaming outside of the Europe Zone
Incoming calls CHF 2.-/Min.
Outgoing calls (in all countries) CHF 4.80/min.
Incoming SMS Free
Outgoing SMS to all countries CHF 0.60/SMS
Mobile Internet CHF 10.-/MB

Questions regarding: Bill

What is the deadline for paying yallo plan bills?

yallo bills must be paid within 30 days at the latest.

What kind of invoice types does yallo offer?

yallo offers its customers to choose between the free of charge electronic invoice or the invoice by Post, which will be charged at CHF 3.-/month. Activate the electronic invoice directly at “your account”.

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